Manizales is a picturesque city high in the Cordillera Central and lies between Medellin and Bogota. It is a small, fairly typical Colombian city, and is not a common international tourist destination. It enjoys a cool climate and is considered perhaps one of the safest cities in South America.

It is however, the most convenient access point for Colombia's largest national park, Parque de Los Nevados, site of one of the the nation's higher peaks, Nevado de Ruiz. Consequently it is a popular destination for Colombian tourism.

Manizales has numerous universities and other high level training institutions. It has a very youthful and vibrant character.

The cathedral in the central square has a tower with a sweeping view of the city that can be visited for a small fee. There are a number of quaint historical pueblos in the area to visit. One such pueblo is Salamina, a national historical site. All are within easy driving distance.

Accommodations range from deluxe to rustic. The food is the typical Paisa or local cuisine, and there are many other restaurants offering international cuisine. Manizales is located 110 mi/180 km west of Bogota, a 35 minute flight or seven hour drive.




There are a number of national and natural parks on the immediate vicinity of Manizales. Some are within a few minutes from downtown Manizales. All are within within easy driving distance and easily accessible.

Parque los Yarumos - Recinto del Pensamiento - Santagueda - Parque Nacional Natural de los Nevados – Nevado de Ruiz


This gorgeous view of the nearby Arenas Crater displays the majesty and sheer power of nature.

Transportation to the "Nevado del Ruiz", professional guides will show you the importance of this place for the state and the country, includes lunch and entrance fees.



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This a news report published on the 14th of january this year in


Jessica Anne Jordan Burton won the crown in the pageant ceremony carried out in the 52 Manizales Fair. The crowning night took place on saturday night in the Bolivar Square in Manizales.


Jessica Anne Jordan Burton Miss Bolivia was crowned 37th International Queen of Coffee, which represents the first crown for that country in the contest carried out in tha Manizales Fair.

"Hooray for Manizales!!" the queen screamed to the attendees to the crowning ceremony, at the Bolivar Square, during her first walk wearing the crown, which will identify her as the new Queen of Coffee in 2008

As first runner-up Camila Fernandez Carvalho, Miss Uruguay was chosen; the second runner-up was Miss Venezuela, Monica Suset Beserini Hadad, which surpised the audience because she was the people's favourite from the begining of the pageant.

The jurors also chose Dominican Republic, Claudia Mabel Peña Gomez as third runner-up, and Ginelle Aime Saldaña Gonzales, Miss Panama as 4th runner-up.

The New Queen said that she would love to come back to the city to make it up to the Manizales the love and support received during the Manizales Fair.





Manizales is a city of about 400,000 people and the capital of the department of Caldas, located in central Colombia. The city is located in the north of the "Zona Cafetera", near the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, at a height of about 2153 metres.


Manizales is an important cultural and educational center : it contains no less than 7 universities : Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de Caldas (, Universidad de Manizales (, Universidad Autonoma (, Universidad Luis Amigo and Universidad Antonio Narino.


It's known as the Coffee capital of the world, because it's the businesscenter of the "Zona Cafetera". Every year in January the "Feria de Manizales" is organized here (bullfights, beauty parades, folk dancing), one of the oldest ferias in the Americas.

Bolívar Cóndor

Manizales , city (1993 pop. 303,136), alt. 7,063 ft (2,153 m), capital of Caldas dept., W central Colombia, on the slopes of the Cordillera Central. It is a commercial and agricultural center in a region that produces a large share of Colombia's coffee. There are minor industries in the city and some gold and silver mines nearby. Manizales was founded in 1847 by gold prospectors. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1878 and by fire in 1925. It is the seat of Caldas Univ.


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